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Boys Don't Cry

...But Sean and Craig do.

Craig Loves Sean
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a place to discuss the romantic relationship of Degrassi's Craig and Sean.
This community is for the appreciation of Craig and Sean's relationship. Discussing their friendship is permitted but we like to talk about how much Craig loves Sean more. Not convinced of their beauty? Read 23 Rolls of Film.

"...Three ground rules: no drinking, no chicks, no parties. I mean it." Or not. Booze and parties are good; Craig and Sean believe in instant gratification and good company. But absolutely no chicks. No Manny, Ashley, or Ellie; Craig talked to Sean first therefor he picked him first. No Emma or Ellie. And no Jay Hogart. He's basically the equivalent to the other woman. Do not speak of him here. He broke up Seaig. He makes your mod very sad.

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